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Welcome to Warriors For Honor!

We originated from a small group on Facebook that has grown to be of significant size and active membership.

We, as a community, decided to bring real honor and glory to the game by hosting tournaments and events that will be remembered for a long time. The best moments will be uploaded to!

War is coming. Are you prepared?


Name Spiel Typ Teilnehmer Erstellt am Fortschritt
For Honor: Facebook Open Class Tourney For Honor SE 39 06-11-17
King of Kings Facebook Tournament For Honor SE 0 06-11-17
[PS4] Shinobi Tourney SE 13 06-06-17
[PS4] Centurion Tourney SE 6 06-06-17
[PS4] Nobushi Tourney SE 3 06-06-17
[PS4] Orochi Tourney SE 7 06-06-17
[PS4] Shugoki Tourney SE 3 06-06-17
[PS4] Kensei Tourney SE 9 06-06-17
[PS4] Valkyrie Tourney SE 6 06-06-17
[PS4] Beserker Tourney SE 11 06-06-17
[PS4] Warlord Tourney SE 8 06-06-17
[PS4] Raider Tourney SE 7 06-06-17
[PS4] Lawbringer Tourney SE 3 06-06-17
[PS4] Peacekeeper Tourney SE 5 06-06-17
[PS4] Conq Tourney SE 0 06-06-17
[PS4] Warden Tourney SE 7 06-06-17
Test SE 0 06-05-17
[XBOX] Centurion Tourney For Honor SE 10 06-02-17
[XBOX] Shinobi King/Queen Tourney For Honor SE 8 06-02-17
[XBOX] Shugoki King/Queen Tourney For Honor SE 4 06-02-17