For Honor: Facebook Open Class Tourney

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Warriors For Honor
  •   39 선수 Single Elimination
  •   For Honor
  •   June 18, 2017 at 3:30 PM MST
  •   체크 인: 닫힘
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For Honor PS4 Xbox One PC Facebook Group Tourney!

Welcome to the For Honor PS4 Xbox One PC Facebook Group 1v1 Tournament!


Come one, come all to the Official FB page XBOX tourney!

This is an OPEN Class/No Restriction tournament so bring your best!

We will be Streaming this Tourney!

If you wish to have your match streamed, let Kryxel know before you begin.

This Tournament will begin Sunday 6/18 @ 3:30PM PST! This website should already convert to you timezone.

Check-ins will begin 30 minutes before. You must check in to participate.

Once you are matched with someone, you have 10 minutes to check into your individual match. If you miss the check-in you automatically forfeit the match.

Please use the following rules when setting up a match.


1. Best of 5 Rounds, 3 Matches. Whoever wins 2 matches moves on.

2. Gear OFF

3. Revenge OFF

4. Map Temple Garden

5. Game mode: Duel 1v1

6. Ledge Camping is instant FORFEIT. Let's make it fun for everyone.


If any player is disconnected before 30 seconds of the first round, reconnect and restart the match. If it happens any other time after that, that round will go to the player still in the game. Reconnect and play the remaining rounds.

EX: If Player A disconnects will he is up 2-1, Player B will get the round victory. They will restart the game and play like the score is 2-2. Whoever wins that round wins the match.

Please record/stream your game play. This will help you win a dispute if there happens to be one. Record/Screenshot any disconnects or anything fishy.

If you have any disputes, there should be a button once your match starts to let an admin know. Please bring any evidence to help your case. We hope to have a smoothly ran tournament.

Any questions or concerns? Message Kryxel (Robert Garcia).

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최정상 챔피언: Chungbar
주목 받을 강자: Kryxel

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